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The Chronicles are now available.

This site collects together episode guides and descriptions for some of my favourite shows - including Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Charmed, Alias, Smallville, Carnivale, John Doe, Buffy the Vapmire Slayer, Angel, First Wave, Farscape, Lexx ... the list keeps growing.

As older shows, which are no longer in production, move gracefully into the Archive, newer shows are added to the Guide.

See the site map for a full list of whats here.

I try to update the guides as regularly as possible (life permitting).

Any suggestions or requests for additional guides are welcome.

Regular updates will resume soon.
Last Updated : 5 March, 2020


This page and all original content are copyright © Paul Mitchell 2001

All shows reffered to on this site, and their associated images, are copyright their respective owners:

Alias ™ Copyright ABC, INC.
Angel ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company.
Battlestar Galactica ™ Copyright Universal Studios.
Bones ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ™ Copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
Carnivalé ™ Copyright HBO.
Charmed ™ Copyright Spelling Television Inc.
Dollhouse ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company.
A Town Called Eureka™ Copyright SCI FI channel
Farscape ™ Copyright Henson, Nine Films & Television.
Firefly/Serenity ™ Copyright FOX. First Wave ™ Copyright Pearson Television/FreMantle Media.
Fringe ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company.
Ghost Whisperer Copyright CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Heroes ™ Copyright NBC Universal, Inc.
Invasion ™ Copyright ABC, INC.
John Doe ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company..
Lexx ™ Copyright Salter Street Films Limited
Lost ™ Copyright ABC, INC.
Medium ™ Copyright NBC
Prison Break ™ Copyright FOX Broadcasting Company.
Smallville ™ Copyright The WB Television Network.
Supernatural ™ Copyright The WB Television Network.
Surface ™ Copyright NBC
Stargate Atlantis ™ Copyright MGM Television Entertainment Inc./MGM Global Holdings Inc.
Stargate SG-1 ™ Copyright MGM Television Entertainment Inc./MGM Global Holdings Inc.
The 4400 ™ Copyright NBC Universal, Inc
Threshold ™ Copyright CBS Broadcasting Inc.

No profit is made from this website. All content is intended for entertainment only.
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