I have been a professional computer programmer now for over 9 years in the financial sector (currently based in Birmingham, U.K.), and I've dabbled in website design and creation for most of that time both through work and as a hobby. As a result, I have produced websites for a number of my friends, each one tailored to suit the specific content and needs the people concerned, as well as internal websites for the company I work for.

I have also undertaken work on existing websites, adding new functionality and features to pages previously designed by others. Also i have been able to help friends and colleagues who are new to HTML and website creation in creating their own pages and sites.

I am self taught in both HTML, Javascript, and DOM, as well as a number of other areas that I have become interested in over the years including 3D Graphical Design.

Some of the software packages I currently know: -
Some of the software packages I am currently learning: -
3DS Max

 Samples of my website work:

Sites I have designed, created and maintain for other people: -

The Chronicles of Tantalus
(uses Javascript, CSS, DHTML)

B & B in Burgundy
(Uses Javascript, CSS, DHTML,
E-mail based online enquiry/booking form)

snitz forums
snitz forums

I also have some experience of implementing and configuring Snitz Forums and associated Forum Mods. Examples are available on request.