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  AVP : Aliens vs Predator Review  

When a mysterious pyramid is discovered buried under the Antarctic ice, a team of archaeologists and other scientists find themselves caught up in a battle between a group of extraterrestrial hunters and their prey. Soon, the team realise that only one species can win, and whichever it is, humanity will be the losers...

This film has been talked about for years, and finally answers the question that has been on the mind of every fan of the Aliens and Predator films - what would happen if the perfect killing machine and the most feared hunters in the universe ever met up? The answer - one the biggest blockbuster movies of the year.

The films premise is simple - the Predators have been visiting earth for thousands of years (previously established in both of the Predator films). However, as part of a rite of passage ritual, every hundred years a group of adolescent hunters gather at a pyramid on a remote little blue/green planet. There the local tribes would sacrifice a number of their populace to serve as hosts to the Alien Queen that resides deep in the heart of the pyramid complex. Then the hunt could commence.

Take all the best parts of the Predator films, throw in the Alien Queen and the warrior aliens from Aliens. Set it all in an isolated part of the world where there is no hope of rescue. And bring to the boil.

The film contains all the action and battles you would expect when these two legends of the big screen meet up. And with Lance Henriksen returning to the Alien universe playing Millionaire Charles Bishop Weyland (a small nod to the android Bishop that he played in Aliens and Alien³), avid watchers will be able to spot the references to the previous films. And with the inclusion of the coiled chestburster motif on most of the pyramid (the same symbol recently used on the alien quadrilogy box set), you can expect plenty of merchandising opportunities to follow.

Action all the way!

Review by Paul