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  Birth Review  

Ten years after her husband's death, wealthy New Yorker Anna announces her plans to remarry, only to be visited by a boy who claims to be the reincarnation of her former spouse. At first she dismisses him, but comes to believe he could be just who he claims...

This could possibly be the worst film I have seen this year! The films premise is a good one - suggesting from the start a good supernatural is he/isn't he story. Unfortunately the film never delivers on that promise. The story drags. There's no suspense, no intrigue and by the end you don't really care if the boy is the dead husband's reincarnation or not! The only reason that this film has received any publicity at all is due to its paedophilic undertones, something that is in no way essential to the story.

Nicole Kidman's portrayal of a wife unwilling to let go of the memory of her dead husband is disappointing, and the boy, played by Cameron Bright (Godsend), is unconvincing and seems to be getting selected for roles purely on his inability to smile for the duration of a film.

Definitely one to avoid.

Review by Paul