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  Gothika Review  

A supernatural thriller staring Halle Berry as Dr Miranda Grey - a psychiatrist working at a run down women's mental institution who, on her way home one stormy night, narrowly misses a girl standing in the middle of the road. After getting out of her car to check on her, the girl promptly bursts into flames and Dr Grey blacks out!

Awaking 3 days later she finds she's now a patient at the institute she worked at, accused of murdering her husband, but with no memory of the events that put her there. Slowly she tries to regain her memory, while trying to convincing her former colleague (played by Robert Downey Jr. - a role he is completely wasted in) that she's not insane.

A nice little psychological horror film, not reliant on the amount of blood they can flood the screen with, as so many recently have been. As a result most of the horror is in the mind of the viewer which makes for a much scarier film in my opinion. Halle Berry manages to convincingly play a character who is slowly slipping into insanity (and she even allows her hair to be a mess for majority of the film!).

If you like your horror films full of mindless violence and gore, watch 'Dawn of the Dead', otherwise if you prefer to a more cerebral scare, then this is the film for you.

Review by Paul