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  Shaun of the Dead Review  

Shaun (Simon Pegg) is an average thirty something with no goals or ambition in life. But when the undead begin to walk the earth (well a couple of streets in London to be accurate, but this is a UK film so they've had to cut costs somehow!), Shaun decides to spring to the rescue of his recently (as of that morning) ex-girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield), and his Mum as well.

Now I cant remember seeing many Zombie comedies in my life, but this could set the standard for any future ones! Maybe its just the dry English sense of humour that works so well wit the situation, or the list of comedians Simon Pegg has managed to get to do cameos in this (including Nick Frost - Spaced, Dylan Morgan - Black books, Lucy Davis - The Office, and even Matt Lucus - Little Britain. The list goes on!!).

One of the funniest early moments in the film is the way Shaun is completely oblivious to the fact that the zombie infection has started, purely due to the fact that everyone is still acting the same as a normal working day! Frighteningly understandable if anyone is a regular user of public transport!!

With Dawn of the Dead, the mindless zombies go to the mall, but with Shaun of the Dead, they go down the pub. Some thing that seems infinitely more believable to me at least.

The best news is that if this first film goes well, the sequel is already planned - From Dust till Shaun - fairly obviously a vampire comedy, a genre with a lot more entries to it at the moment to compete with.

Review by Paul